Our Platform for Fresh & Processed fruits for Industry is unique in Europe
Our Platform for Fresh & Processed fruits for Industry is unique in Europe
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The French company Magistange is specialized  in fresh fruit & Processed fruit for industry.

Magistange is active all over Europe and recently the young company developed the platform www.fruit-for-industry.eu, where customers can see all available stocks all over Europe and suppliers can publish their stocks.

According to Willy Athanase, CEO of the company and former industrialist, the platform is unique in Europe.

Fruit for Industry is the first platform dedicated to fresh fruit & processed fruit for industry.

The advantages are numerous :
- Firstly, the platform gives our customers important information on stocks and prices.

- Secondly, it enables our suppliers to better export their products.

Only professionals can register on the platform.


Digital transition
Willy points out that it takes time to implement this way of working. People are used to a certain working system. Before, suppliers would call us and say : I have stocks of industry apples for this price. Now they can publish directly. a real digital transition, but we believe we'll get it right.

Organic and Baby Food
Magistange specialises mainly in organic fruit and fruit that is used for baby food. The company's main customers are processors, fruit juice and puree manufacturers, compote makers, and jam makers.

In terms of products, the company offers apricots, kiwis, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples and pears, cherries, etc... For apples, Willy explains that the situation on the open market is very calm. There is a very large supply of organic apples this year 2020, and demand is a little lower. Many companies have already covered their needs with contracts. Nevertheless we continue to sell volumes.

The company has a turnover of € 5 millions. Organic and baby food fruits represent about 70% of the turnover. The company is certified organic and IFS.

This year, 2020, it is participating in Biofach and Fruit Logistica (Hall 22, F14) for the first time as an exhibitor to present its platform. In addition, the company is looking to recruit people in a number of countries.

For more information, please visit us

Willy Athanase
Magistange SAS
Cell. : + 33 6 25 79 23 03
Tel. : + 33 5 81 73 00 36
Email : willy.athanase@magistange.com 
Web : https://www.fruit-for-industry.eu

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